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Hospitality Solutions

A 3D Virtual Tour, 360˚ Video & Drone Videos are the Ultimate Way to Promote Hospitality

Matterport 3D Tour can be used to promote Fine Dining, Restaurants, Bars etc.

Increase remote bookings - allow guests & event organisers to view facilities & rooms remotely with a 3D Tour

A 3D Virtual Tour can be used to upsell Hotel Rooms & Facilities

A 3D Virtual Reality Hotel Scan provides a truly immersive experience for prospective clients

Value of 3D Reality Scan Combined with 360˚ Imaging & Drone Solutions

Build Trust & Confidence with Guests, Weddings & Events

A 3D Virtual Reality Hotel Scan is the ultimate tool to give Hotel guests, wedding organisers and events management a taste of experiences before they embark.

The best Hotels can gain a competitive advantage with a 3D Virtual Hotel Tour by building trust with clients during the booking process.

By offering additional comprehensive online information, destinations can attract more business and boost confidence by setting accurate expectations.

A 3D Virtual Hotel Tour is an event planners best friend. Empower your clients to fully understand what your event locations have to offer. 3D Virtual Reality Hotel Tours will make it easy for qualified clients to choose your properties, and shorten the planning cycle by reducing on-site visits and offering something your competition doesn’t.

A Hotel VR Scan only takes approximately 45 minutes per 100 m2 and the final 3D model will be ready to be embedded in your website and media within 24-48 hours from the time of the scan.

3D Dollhouse View

The 3D Dollhouse view helps clients visualise the whole Hotel at once from multiple 3D views with a 3D Virtual Reality Hotel Scan.

Click to walk through the Hotel at any point for a 3D Virtual Hotel Tour and feel like you are there – view from up to 200 different spaces.

A 3D Virtual Reality Hotel Scan not only takes photos but also captures depth information. Since it can capture depth, this creates an actual 3D model of the space.  In turn, this allows a viewer to move around the “photo.”  That is something you can not do with a 360 panorama, even a stereoscopic one.

Where 360˚ video offers a cinematic tour along a predefined path, 3D Virtual Reality Spaces enable total freedom of movement through a virtual world. Virtual Reality visitors can navigate immersive environments interactively, as if they were there.

This enhances the sense of realism and makes your Hotel space incredibly engaging in Virtual Reality.


2D Floor Plans

Floor Plans are useful in helping viewers understand how hotel rooms, suites and facilities can be utilised including key characteristics.

Optional Virtual Reality Hotel Tours – VR

A 3D Virtual Reality Hotel Tour works on any device; Mobile, Tablet, Desktop with no software required client side.

A 3D Virtual Reality Hotel Scan converts the space into a fully immersive 3D VR Hotel Tour.

Take your immersive media experiences into the stratosphere with the VR Showcase app. 3D Spaces presented on VR headsets offer full-body immersion.

Download the App for Free and access through you smart phone & VR headset.

Optional Mattertag Posts – Link to Reservations

Mattertag Posts let you provide information about features in your Spaces by anchoring text descriptions to specific physical locations.

This turns Spaces into a powerful tool for communicating with remote clients, prospects, event organisers and Global audiences.

It is possible for a user to select and view a 3D Tour with or without Matterport Posts enabled.

Tags can also include links to websites such as Hotel reservations and other 3D models e.g. additional room / suite types or facilities e.g. restaurants, gym etc.


Direct Links to Drone Videos – Aerial Photography

Create direct links to marketing material such as Drone Videos to show Aerial footage of the Hotel grounds.

Optional Schematic Floor Plans

It is easy to order professional black-and-white floor plans, quickly and easily generated from any Space.

This eliminates the need to hire a separate company to take measurements for floor plans.

It is also possible to order optional 3D schematic floor plans.

Highlight Reel, Guided Tours & External 360 Views

With highlight reel, you can curate a gallery of the most interesting features of a space – called highlights. For example, point your audience toward that expansive view from the hotel suite, or emphasise key upgrades, all via the highlight reel.

And to give your audience a full-service experience, organise highlights into a fully automated guided tour through a Hotel. With guided tour, your viewers can press play, sit back, and have you guide them through with a Hotel 3D Virtual Tour of the major features.

Of course, the self-driven immersive 3D Showcase experience is still available in any 3D Showcase. Guided tour gives you another way to help viewers fully experience a space.

It is also possible to add 360 views of external areas exposed to direct sunlight that allow viewers to take a tour of the external areas surrounding the Hotel.

Customer Brand Name

With the ‘Presented by… field’, it is possible to include the company / client name on the loading screen and at the top of any 3D Showcase.

About Panel

The About Panel appears in the upper left-hand corner of your Showcases, and lets you provide more information about the Space being viewed.

Include promotional content or describe unique features.

The About Panel also includes a phone number field. On mobile, viewers can call the hotel directly from 3D Showcase.

iFrame Code – Embed in Your Own Website & Media

We provide you with an iFrame code to embed the 3D Tour directly into your own website.

The size of the iFrame can easily be configured to your specific preferences.

Adding the iFrame code is simple – similar to adding a Youtube or Vimeo Video.

The iFrame connects directly to the cloud based server, therefore there is no impact on the speed of your own website.

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