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Volume Discounts

Volume based discounts are available for multiple 3D models – please Contact us for a tailored quotation.


Attractive discounts are available for Professionals + an initial introductory offer to create a branded proof of concept for your business to show to your clients.

Professional pricing is available to most types of businesses e.g. Real Estate Agencies, Property Developers, Yacht Brokers, Hotels, Retail Chains, Insurance companies, Health & Education etc.  – please Contact us for Pricing details.

Referrals offers a client referral program – please Contact us to register the referral and benefit from a referral reward.

It takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes to scan an internal area of approximately 100 m2.

Open plan areas can be scanned faster than smaller tighter areas such as a Yacht.

Within 24 to 48 hours from the date of the scan.

We will upload the 3D tour to your own personal page for your review – this is free of charge.

Clients that purchase a 3D Virtual Tour automatically receive 12-months Free advertising on – Zero commissions. receives thousands of International visitors per month and there is a counter next to each property – we can also run reports on request.

The website is typically viewed by our potential clients; Premium Real Estate Agents, Luxury Hotels, Designer Retail Showrooms, Yacht Brokers etc. – the site is SEO enabled. is self-service and you can edit, update or delete your advert at anytime.

If you wish to keep your advert private, please send Contact us and we will set this to private.

The 3D Virtual Tour will work on Android & Apple IOS devices; Mobile, Tablet & Desktop.

No software is required by a user.

The Virtual Reality Tour will work on Samsung VR headsets if you download the Free App and will soon be available for Apple IOS.

We provide a simple iFrame link that can easily be embedded in your own website or shared via E-mail & Social Media.

3D Tours are accessible from anywhere in the world at any time on any device.


The 3D Camera can capture exterior spaces with 360° Views. 360° Views are spherical 2D panoramic images that users can view up, down, and all around.

They can be accessed directly from your 3D tour, but are not aligned with the rest of your 3D model. Because direct sunlight can interfere with 3D data collection, we recommend using 360° Views for outdoor or sunny areas.


On the webstore please select Highlight Reel and the quantity of 2D still images that you require.

We use cutting edge 3D visualisation techniques that enable us to scan the interior of any property.

Our 3D scanners use a combination of infrared and photogrammetry in order to build the 3D Tours.

The 3D camera fits into a small camera bag along with a tripod and is controlled using an iPad.

The scanning process is extremely quiet.

Many leading Global property portals now support Virtual Tours.

The 3D Tour will work with a property portal if they have configured their portal to support Virtual Tours.

When you purchase a 3D Virtual Tour, this includes 12-months hosting & software updates.

Discounts are available for multiple properties and Professionals.

At the end of the first year, there is an annual renewal hosting fee for the following years hosting and software updates. This entitles you to any new improvements / features within the software and allows users around the Globe to access your 3D tour from any device.

If you no longer require the 3D tour, then you can cancel the service.

We can password protect the 3D Tour if the vendor would like security settings applied to the model of their Property / Yacht etc.

In this instance, only prospective clients who have the password can access the 3D Tour. If you want your scan to be removed, we can do that too.

1 * 3D model has a maximum of ~200 scans or ~900 m2 to ~1,200 m2.

In certain cases e.g. open spaces it is possible to increase the maximum area by extending the distance between the scans.

For larger spaces, additional models will be required & connected via links (Mattertags).


Hotel lobby 900 m2 + Hotel Restaurant 600 m2

2 * 3D Models will be required

All Internal work is guaranteed and we can isolate specific areas to repeat internal scans in these areas if they are not of a satisfactory / high quality if this is due to the camera or the operator – there is no charge if we are at fault.

If scans need to be repeated due to lack of preparation / staging on the client side i.e. untidy, poor maintenance, clutter etc. then there will be an additional charge.

For external areas, we will endeavour to capture shaded / covered terraces out of direct sunlight, however this depends on the Property / Yacht type, position / location and working at dusk or dawn. In certain cases we have been able to get this working for other clients – please see 3D VR listings. However, due to limitations of the camera laser technology working in areas exposed to sunlight, we cannot guarantee that we can capture external areas in 3D / Dollhouse View.

We therefore use 360˚ Views to capture external / outdoor areas e.g. pool, gardens, driveways etc.

Please note that shooting in direct sunlight can lead to images that have high contrast, blown out highlights, lens flare and colors that might even look overly saturated.


We can add links to external URLs e.g. Youtube or Vimeo videos for example marketing videos or Drone videos.

It is also possible to add links to websites, reservations / bookings pages and brochures embedded in a web page.

Additional 3D Virtual Model can be linked using Mattertags i.e. large areas such as Hotels etc.

It is essential to scan an area without people or pets present.

Allowing people or pets in the vicinity of the 3D Camera will dramatically slow the scanning process and lead to blurred, poor quality scans.

We appreciate that commercial premises have clients / customers / staff and we will endevour to work around these limitations in quiet periods / out of hours.

Checklist – Preparing an area prior to the scan

Prepare areas to be scanned to showroom condition including external areas for 360˚ scans.

Clean ALL internal areas including kitchen & bathrooms.

Clean ALL external areas including pool and outdoor areas and furniture.

Clean windows, mirrors and glass – the camera captures small details!

Remove and store away all clutter.

Close all blinds & curtains where there is direct sunlight.

Internal lights & table lamps switched on.

Ensure clients, staff & pets are kept out the space whilst the scanning is taking place.


Although we can hide unwanted scans, this can limit the flow of the final 3D Virtual Tour

We cannot Photoshop the final 3D tour.

IppZero takes no responsibility for scans where clients have not staged or prepared areas to showroom condition e.g. areas that are; dirty / untidy / poorly maintained, unwanted clutter or people or pets showing within the scans.


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