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Reality Capturing Services To Document & Promote Buildings, Property and Space

IppZero provides Ultra High Definition (UHD) Visual Reality Capturing Services to Document & Promote Buildings, Property and Space for; Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Entertainment & Events, Interior Design, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Hospitality, Retail and Yachts.

Our aim is to provide clients with comprehensive and cost-effective methods to efficiently capture & publish high-quality 2D, 3D, 360˚ & Aerial content.


Visual Thinking

Approximately 60%-65% of the population Think Visually.

Visual Thinking is the process of organising and processing information by seeing it including; Images, Videos, Diagrams, Colours, & Spatial data including Maps.

It is a powerful tool for Business, Education and Marketing, as in an age of Digital complexity, Visual Thinking makes the complex simple – communicating data and fundamental information quickly.


Cutting-edge Imaging Technologies

Digital Reality Capturing Technologies include; Leica 3D Laser Scanning LiDAR (Light Imaging Detection & Ranging) for As-Built Documentation in Building Information Modelling (BIM) & Facilities Management (FM), 4k Matterport 3D Virtual Tours, 8k 360˚ Google Street View, 8K 360˚ Video / Virtual Reality for Immersive views, 4K Dji Drone Site Scanning for Aerial Topography, and Promotional 4K Videos to help present concise introductions, overviews and training videos. (International Property Publishing, Zero commissions & Zero platform subscription charges)

A Free self service secure platform to publish integrated; 2D, 3D, 360˚ and Aerial Visual content viewable on any device – alternatively, Visual content can be published on a platform of your choice.


Visual Documentation

Visual data is invaluable during the lifecycle of managing Properties, Buildings and Spaces; Searching, Negotiating, Acquiring, Planning & Developing, Facilities Management, Maintenance & Repair, Health & Safety, Designing & Remodelling, Renovation, Creating Digital Models for AR/VR, Marketing, Leasing and Divesting.

Collecting & storing; Photos, Videos, 360˚ Imagery, 3D Data, and Aerial Video, provides Businesses, Organisations, Owners and Prospects with a Visual Record of Properties, Buildings and Spaces at specific points in time. Collating detailed visual documentation eliminates the need for costly teardowns, surveys, and miscalculations throughout the lifecycle.


Visual Promotion

If a picture paints a thousand words and video shows a thousand pictures, then imagine the impact when integrating 360˚ video and 4K video at 60 frames per second.

Combine this with Aerial views and add 3D where we scan Property, Buildings & Spaces capturing 350,000 individual points per second and the results are mind-blowing.

From a marketing perspective, we are able to captivate client attention for longer periods and increase the probability of clients sharing 360˚, 3D & Aerial video on Social Media.



4K, 360˚ & 3D helps captivate client attention providing immersive views, improves the efficiency of data capture, and increases productivity through centralised remote sharing. This all translates into cost savings on the bottom line by expanding the scope of available information, raising standards of quality digital data & imagery, mitigating risks and expediting projects in conjunction with unique promotional value.

Why is IppZero different?

There are numerous methods of Capturing Reality including costly market-leading point solutions for Image Documentation, Photography and Video marketing Freelancers / Businesses in addition to 3D Laser Scanning providers.

Many of these providers either charge you and tie you into using their closed complex platforms or they do not offer a comprehensive solution (Photo, Video, 360˚ Video, 3D Tour, 3D Laser Scan & Drone) including a platform to publish your data in one place with access anywhere.

IppZero (International Property Publishing, Zero commissions & Zero platform subscription charges) provides two contemporary, intuitive templates to publish 2D, 3D, 360˚ and Aerial images in one place with an optional secure user ID & Password login. uses SSL and market leading Sitelock for added security.


Option 1: Marketing Template – Promote, Rent, Sell; Real Estate, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Retail, Yachts


Option 2: AEC Template – Publish Plans, 3D Models, Building Information for Architecture, Engineering & Construction allows self-service access, with the ability to edit & publish without training and utilise numerous added features e.g. ability to publish multi-media types in one place; 360˚, 3D, 4K Video, click to share, and translation into 9 languages.

In terms of technology; we only use the latest proven leading imaging technologies; are at the cutting-edge of new technologies & upgrades and strive to achieve the best results at an affordable cost.

All work is guaranteed and we adhere to local regulation, license requirements including insurance e.g. Drones laws.


Understand your business, its market and existing methods of data capture and associated imagery.

Evaluate efficiency and quality of current data capturing methods including existing systems and preferred data / content formats for you and your stakeholders.

Assess the potential of how 3D & 360˚ Digital Capturing solutions can; improve operational efficiencies, increase productivity, reduce costs, raise data standards & quality imagery, expedite projects and captivate & engage stakeholders in remote locations through immersive channels.

Develop a plan to create reusable comprehensive Digital assets vs. a fragmented, manual and paper-based approach.

Implement a ‘BE THERE’ Strategy which combines; Leica 360 Reality Capture, 4K Matterport 3D Virtual Tour, with an 8k 360˚ Virtual Reality Video & 4K Aerial Drone Footage to transport remote clients into a Property or Space from ANY DEVICE – GLOBALLY.

24-Hour * 7-Day Service

We understand that capturing digital footage can be challenging in certain types of businesses or establishments e.g. Hospitality, Construction sites etc.

Therefore we provide a 24 & 7 service to help work around your business operations & busy client periods ensuring that we fit in with your operational schedules.



Richard holds a Full-Time MBA degree from Durham University Business School.

More than 12-years experience in Senior level Technology Solution Sales & Partner Management roles.

Successful career working for 3 Fortune 500 ICT Companies including Canon, BT & 10-Years at Oracle Corporation.

Experience in Technology Solutions, Property Development, Real Estate & Business Consulting.

Lived & worked in multiple countries including; UK, USA, South Africa, Ireland & Balearics, Spain.

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