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Extract 18MP Photos From 6K Video

Extract 18MP Photos From 6K Video

4K Video (60fps) & 6K Video (30fps) - Export 18MP Still Images From 6K Video Footage

Smooth 4K Video, 60fps (frames per second)

We use the latest Panasonic GH5 camera that can shoot in 4K at 60fps (frames per second) for smooth, sharp video.

The GH5 is arguably the best 4K hybrid video camera avaialable right now.

Combined with the GH5’s In Camera Image Stabalisation, Leica lens Stabalisation and the market leading Zhiyuan Crane V2 Gimbal Image Stabiliser & Video slider, we can provide amazing walk through Ultra High Definition Videos to promote; Commercial Property, Hotels, Real Estate, Construction Projects and other Businesses.

Extract 18MP Stills from 6K Video, 30fps (frames per second)

In addition to being able to shoot 4K Video at 60fps, the Panasonic GH5 has a 6K Photo mode.

It is designed to capture fleeting moments by shooting at 30fps in 6K and then being able to extract 18MP still images from the video footage.

Ideal for Hospitality Promotions, Events and Fast moving Environments to help catch essential moments that would otherwise be lost in time.

Combine Stabalised 4K Video With Stabalised Aerial Drone 4K Video

4K Video To Present & Promote - Commercial Property, Hotels, Real Estate & Other Businesses

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