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3D Reality Capture Package


Example Point Cloud - 150 Individual Laser Scans Totalling 1.5 billion Points *Wework (2016)

3D Laser Scan to BIM | Aerial Drone Video & Mapping | 360˚ Video & Virtual Reality

What is Reality Capture?

Traditional methods capturing site conditions include; Level, Tape measure, Theodolite to gauge horizontal & vertical angles and lots of number crunching. Time-consuming & often incomplete or inaccurate.

Growing numbers of Buildings & Infrastructure around the world are aging and in danger of failing.

Many built before CAD and it is difficult to manually cross-check old paper blueprints with real-world site conditions.

Reality Capture is the process of scanning an Object, Building, or Site and producing a Digital Model Representation.

Capture site data quickly, more accurately – 3D model, millions of data points mapping the entire site; Building Renovation, Infrastructure Projects & systems that function below the surface.

We Laser Scan ‘As Built’ Properties or Spaces

Save time & cost over manual measurements.

Increase quality of accurate data that can be validated & trusted.

Reduce & eliminate the need to revisit sites for missing information.

Improve cost, time & materials estimates.

Easily engage with clients in the design, construction & operation of assets.

Improved sustainability & asset management.

Share & collaborate with internal teams, partners & suppliers.

Resolve defects faster due to increased scope of available information.

Reduce health & safety risks through data visualisation.

Increased productivity & ability to expedite projects.

Minimise delays & cost overruns.

We Export Measurements via Point Clouds into CAD

Leica’s BLK 360˚ has accuracy of 6mm @ 10 metres.

Export Point Cloud data from the BLK Laser Scanner into your CAD system.

Alternatively, we can capture and provide you with; Accurate Measurements, Elevation & Floor Plans, 3D Renders and will also include As Built data to export into your CAD system for Building Information Modelling.

We Scan with 4K Matterport Pro 2 for 3D Tours & Small BIM

The 3D Dollhouse view helps clients visualise the whole property at once from multiple 3D views.

Click to walk through the property at any point for a 3D Virtual Tour and feel like you are there – view from up to several hundred different spaces.

The 3D Camera Scanner not only takes photos but also captures depth information. Since it can capture depth, this creates an actual 3D model of the space.

Matterport Pro 2 also captures Point Cloud Data with an accuracy of 1%.

This is an ideal solution for measurements and creating ‘As Built’ plans for refurbishments and interior design in smaller projects i.e. less than 2,000 m2.

We Fly Drones; Video, Aerial Inspection & 3D Site Scan

Smooth 4K Video – avoids motion blur

20MP Camera – high resolution for inspection and to create 3D Maps

360˚ Obstacle Avoidance – essential for property inspections


We Capture 360˚ Panos & Video for Immersive Views 

360˚ images provides an immersive view that helps viewers understand a property or space with freedom of movement.

This is not possible with traditional 2D images.

360˚ Video is valuable tool in creating a video walkthrough that can be later paused at any point to allow the viewer to control the 360˚ views for areas that may be of particular interest.

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