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3D Reality Capture BIM

Generate Point Cloud Data For 'As Built' Buildings & Spaces For Building Information Modelling

Leica BLK 360˚ - Capture Reality Efficiently & Accurately

An Efficient & Accurate Method Of Capturing Reality In Small To Medium Sized Projects

Generate Points for ‘As Built’ Data

3D Laser Scanning generates Point Cloud data for As Built Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Detailed Design & Construction documentation can be utilised to accurately & efficiently renovate or refurbish buildings.

3D Reality Capture provides Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals with the insight and tools to; Plan, Design, Construct, Operate and Maintain Buildings & Physical Infrastructure through 3D model-based processes.

The BLK360 is the smallest and lightest of its kind – we can capture a full data set on small buildings in a matter of hours.


Template The Real World To Kick Start Design Process

Save time & cost over manual measurements – faster materials estimates.

Increase quality of accurate data that can be validated & trusted.

Reduce & eliminate the need to revisit sites for missing information.

Easily engage with clients in the design, construction & operation of assets.

Improved sustainability & asset management – Share & collaborate with internal teams, partners & suppliers.

Resolve defects faster due to the increased scope of available information & Reduce health & safety risks through data visualisation.

Increased productivity, expedite projects – Minimise delays & cost overruns.

Lecia BLK 360˚ & iPad Pro

Leica’s BLK 360 works with an iPad Pro to capture surrounding Buildings & Spaces with high resolution 3D panoramic images.

Using the ReCap Pro mobile app, the BLK360 streams image and Point Cloud data to iPad.

The app filters and registers scan data in real time.

After capture, ReCap Pro enables point cloud data transfer to a number of CAD, BIM, VR and AR applications.

The integration of BLK360 and Autodesk software dramatically streamlines the reality capture process thereby opening this technology to non-surveying individuals.

360˚ Laser Scan Reality Capture

Allows you to scan in high, standard and fast resolutions.

Weighs 1kg / Size 165 mm tall x 100 mm diameter.

Less than 3 minutes for full-dome scan (in standard resolution) and 150 MP spherical image generation.

360,000 laser scan points / second – HDR and thermal imaging.

Range 60 metres – Accuracy 6mm @ 10 metres

Suitable for Small to Medium Projects – Internal & External.

Architect | Revit BIM | Point Cloud Models | 3D Renders

In conjunction with BLK 360 Laser Scanning services, we provide Architectural & Point Cloud Modelling services.

Our Architect is fluent in English & Spanish, has more than 7-years professional experience and is certified in Autodesk with more than 5-years Revit expertise in modelling Point Clouds.

We capture scan data using the Leica BLK 360 in Recap Pro and convert this data into Point Clouds, Elevated Drawings, 2D Plans and 3D Renders.

Additionally, data can be converted into specific formats and exported directly into your own CAD system to further the design process.


Leica BLK 360˚ Reality Capture - Scan to BIM - Save Time, Costs & Improve Accuracy

3D Laser Scan & 360˚ Reality Capture Is Fundamentally Changing the World of AEC

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